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Course Information

Where do I start?

If you are new to GIS, start with ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS. This course teaches what a GIS is and what you can do with it. You will also look at the basic ArcGIS tools


I have completed ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS - which course should I take next?

The next step in your GIS training pathway is the ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows course.


I have completed a training course - what is my next step?

There are many course pathways you are able to take within the GIS field. The main topics are geodatabases, web application development, server and visualisation and editing and analysis. Learn more about the range of courses available.


What different types of training courses do you run?

Esri Australia has many training products and courses available, including scheduled courses, on-site training, client exclusive, knowledge transfer and virtual campus training. We also offer Learning and Services Units, which are a flexible way to manage your organisation's GIS professional development requirements. 

I have been using another GIS vendor's software for a while, what course would you suggest I take to get me started with ArcGIS?

One of the most challenging elements when transitioning to a new software product is gaining a solid understanding of the terminology. ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows provides a good introduction to the terminology used in ArcGIS. Alternatively, contact us about our specialised courses to help transition you from another GIS platform.


Which software version is the course based on? 

For scheduled training, the most current software release will be used for the course. Client site and client-exclusive courses can be conducted using any software version.


Can I customise training for our staff? 

Yes. We understand the additional benefits of courses tailored to your data, workflows and processes. Please contact us for more information regarding our customised course options.


Payment Information

How do I use Learning and Services Units to pay for my training?

When you reach the payment section, in the 'Coupon Code' field enter 'LSU' and your LSU R number allocated to your program - LSU:Rxxxx. If you are unsure of your program number, please either the Learning and Services authorised contact within your organisation or contact 


I am a student, do I receive a discount? 

All students and teachers receive a 25% discount off face-to-face training. When you reach the payment section, in the 'Coupon Code' field enter 'STUDENT' or 'TEACHER'