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Configuring Web App Builder (TR-52511)

Begins March 31, 2021

Monitor and make sense of real-time data 

This course teaches core principles and essential skills needed to enable real-time data analytics through your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. Learn how to connect to real-time sensors, analyze and visualize a data feed, and send updates and alerts to everyone who needs them. 


·        Understand ArcGIS GeoEvent Server key capabilities, architecture, and supporting applications. 

·        Apply best practices to create a GeoEvent service, configure it’s data schema, write to a feature service, and visualise the output on a web map.  

·        Filter real-time data using a geofence.  

·        Monitor analytics in real time using a dashboard.  


View the full table of contents here 

Course Dates: 31 Mar 2021

Duration: 1 day 

Course Timings: 9am – 4pm AEST 

Software Used: ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Geoevent Server 

Suggested Skills: Completion of ArcGIS Enterprise: Administration Workflows or equivalent knowledge. 

Course Location: Virtual Classroom – have questions? Check out our FAQ